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Tony & Karen

We were looking at getting medical insurance last year for our new born twins and take advantage of a special offer a company had at the time. Annette Breen was extremely prompt in answering questions and providing clear answers, is personable, helpful, professional and goes the extra mile. For example, I was on maternity leave at the time of taking out the insurance and had no printer at home so Annette came to my rescue and we improvised by other means to meet the very short deadline.

I highly recommend Annette. 

Astra & Adam

We have had Annette as our insurance advisor for over 5 years now. When we met, my husband and I were just married, working hard, flatting with no children. Since then our circumstances have continued to evolve and change as we purchased our first home, have had 3 children, and started our own business. Annette has helped to guide us in the appropriate Life insurance, family medical insurance, income protection, and house insurance, as our family life has grown and changed.

We have felt secure in knowing that if something were to happen, we would be looked after in all aspects. Annette started as a business acquaintance and is now a trusted friend, checking in to keep up to date, support us, and make sure we have the right cover all the way along. And best of all, she has met with us wherever we have been living to make it easy amongst the 'busyness' of a growing family and business.


We have been with you for 7 years and had our annual review as usual in May this year. I was very impressed with the service you provided and the prompt payment of my claim. I had no idea I could claim for carcinoma so had you not mentioned it and asked me to get a histology report I would still be none the wiser.

Thank you so much for your amazing service and keeping in touch. You always go the extra mile and it is really appreciated. 


I have very much enjoyed dealing with Annette for my insurance. She is professional and prompt yet approachable and empathetic. I am always impressed with her enormous knowledge base. 

Highly recommended.

Miriam & Mike

Annette has been fantastic right from word go she made sure we understood everything clearly and had the cover we needed. Then, when the unexpected happened and we needed to make a claim she’s been there every step of the way, from helping to fill out the forms and ensuring all the documentation was there to just getting in touch to see how we are. 

She genuinely cares and it’s a pleasure to have her as our advisor.

Company Directors

We found Annette to be very knowledgeable & helpful with our insurance privately & professionally. She made everything clear & concise, with no pressure to make a decisions instantly. She takes pride in her work and that transpires through her diligent approach of assessing what you really need versus what is out there, in a very confusing industry full of jargon where a person can get lost in translation & interpretations, she makes it easy and a breeze to get your insurances in line & she truly looks after your best interest, she puts her clients first. 

We would highly recommend Annette.

Brooke & Karl

We were lucky to be connected with Annette when we enquired about insurance companies online, prior to the birth of our first child.  She is such a wonderful person and it’s much easier for us to deal with Annette directly. She has always had our best interests in heart and we have never felt that she has ‘sold’ us anything.  We have always felt her to be very genuine. We are very grateful to have met her and we can relax knowing that our family has the appropriate insurances to protect us if the unexpected ever happens. 

Angie & Matt

We have dealt with Annette for over 15yrs which speaks for itself and will continue to deal with her! We have also claimed a couple of times with Annette's help and she is always there to help and it went extreemly well.

Debs - Stokednz

Annette has been epic on all things insurance! She is well educated and clearly explained the best options for my needs. She genuinely cares and is always one step ahead!


I highly recommed getting in touch with Annette for your insurance needs!

She is super friendly, helpful and very 'up wihtthe play' when it comes to taking out an insurance policy. She definatley goes above and beyond for her clients. 

Thank you Annette for all of your help!! :) 


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