Shareholder Protection & Key Person Cover

Why Shareholder & Debt Protection is Key

Shareholder & Debt Protection provides cover if a business owner becomes permanently disabled or dies. In combination with a Buy/Sell agreement in place, each shareholder is insured for the value of their shares and or share of the debt on the business.

If they are forced to exit the company due to death or disability, there is money available for the other shareholders to 'buy out' the shares and clear their debt. This way the surviving shareholders are not forced into business with the the husband/wife or family members which may not be ideal.

Key Person cover makes sure the 'Key Person/s' running your business are protected. You will then have funds to hire a replacement or cover lost revenue. If you would like to know more about Shareholder, Debt or Key Person Protection, please contact me direct for a initial discussion.

"We found Annette to be very knowledgeable & helpful with our insurance privately & professionally. She made everything clear & concise, with no pressure to make decisions instantly. 

She takes pride in her work and that transpires through her diligent approach of assessing what you really need versus what is out there, in a very confusing industry full of jargon where a person can get lost in translation & interpretations, she makes it easy and a breeze to get your insurances in line. 

She truly looks after your best interest, she puts her clients first. We would highly recommend Annette."


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