How do I find a 'good' Advisor?

There are many ways you can find a good advisor.

  1. Ring the Insurance companies direct
  2. Scroll the internet
  3. Ask a friend or family member.

I find the best way is from word of mouth. If someone close to you has had a great experience with a Qualified Financial Advisor then they are the ones to look for.

'Big and flashy' is not always the way to tell you have found a good one either. It's someone who has put the hard yards in to make it a career, by becoming qualified and recognised through market leaders. Who over time has built up a knowledge of scenarios and outcomes to be able to help the next family they come across.

Insurance advice doesn't stop after the first meeting. You have to find an advisor that you 'gel' with, and feel comfortable approaching in good and bad times.

So next time you are with your family or having a coffee with friends, ask who they deal with. Or just feel free to contact me direct if you have immediate questions 021 575055.



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