Bus stop moment

I'm sitting here in my car waiting for the school bus, I enjoy this part of my day to catch up with my boys, they may be tired and whingey and fight a little but it's 'our time'.

I talk to clients every day about 'what if you fall sick' or 'how would you cope if you cant work due to an injury?' And when I am still for a few minutes, doing one of my many motherly duties, I also think I would still want to be here, in this same spot, waiting for their bus every day, if this happened to me. I may be waiting in a taxi, but I would be here, to keep normality in my boys' lives.

Life might be disrupted for a parent due to sickness but it doesn't have to affect our kids' daily routine. Income and mortgage protection allows us to continue financially even in the difficult times.

Anyway, here comes the bus. Have a click on my website or call for a chat to understand more on how I can help you.

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