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Special Events Increases on your life insurance policy

Things in life are always changing so we want to make it easy for you to ensure that your insurance is keeping up with your lifestyle. If you’ve recently had a major life event, like having a baby, getting married or buying a house, insurance cover might be one of the last things on your mind. But now is the right time to make sure that you have enough cover. If something happened to you, it could really turn things upside down for your family. This is when having the right amount of cover ...

August 21, 2017

$3,000 travel prize promotion starts 14th August 2017

Take out Sovereign health or personal insurance cover between Monday 14 August and Friday 6 October 2017 and you could be in to win a holiday!CALL US TODAY TO ARRANGE AN APPOINTMENT WITH ANNETTE ON 021 575055Full terms and conditions: Customer offerEvery eligible new Sovereign Risk or Health Policy submitted between Monday 14 August and Friday 6 October 2017, and the resulting policy issued by 3 November 2017, will go in the draw to win 1 x $3k Flight Centre gift card. Key eligibility crite...

August 9, 2017

How do I find a 'good' Advisor?

There are many ways you can find a good advisor. Ring the Insurance companies direct Scroll the internet Ask a friend or family member. I find the best way is from word of mouth. If someone close to you has had a great experience with a Qualified Financial Advisor then they are the ones to look for. 'Big and flashy' is not always the way to tell you have found a good one either. It's someone who has put the hard yards in to make it a career, by becoming qualified and recognised throug...

September 13, 2016

Bus stop moment

I'm sitting here in my car waiting for the school bus, I enjoy this part of my day to catch up with my boys, they may be tired and whingey and fight a little but it's 'our time'. I talk to clients every day about 'what if you fall sick' or 'how would you cope if you cant work due to an injury?' And when I am still for a few minutes, doing one of my many motherly duties, I also think I would still want to be here, in this same spot, waiting for their bus every day, if this happened to me. I...

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